The 2017 British Open took place in the very scenic Surrey Hills in the Southern suburb or London. It was a small turnout, probably due to the pessimistic weather forecast, but we enjoyed guests from Poland, Turkey and Sweden.

Despite the prevailing strong wind, rain and low cloud over the 4-day event, the Meet Director managed to run 7 excellent tasks.

It was very tight at the top and Nirvana Racing Team member, Michel Carnet, claimed first place on the last task, to become British Champion for an astounding 13th time!

Michel is flying with the same equipment that he had been flying for the last 6 years, a Nirvana Instinct 200 and a Nirvana Nucleon WRC31, and was hoping that reliable and proven equipment would prevail over untested or unsafe gear.

"My Instinct 200 ran like clockwork throughout the event..." says Michel "...and my large Nucleon WRC remains in my opinion, the most stable wing on the market, especially when flown on full speedbar! Thank you Nirvana!".

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